Terms & Conditions

Introduction: "You", "Your" and the passenger mean any individual, company or other business that places the booking with Marble Cars.
"We" and "Us" mean Marble Cars.
By making a booking with Marble Cars you confirm that you have read, understand and accept the following conditions. Marble Cars reserves all the rights to alter & update the terms and conditions. However, any new change of terms and conditions will be updated to you if you have any upcoming booking with us while changing terms and conditions.

Booking with Marble Cars:
With Marble Cars, you can make a booking by contacting us over the phone, using our website or communicating via email. You will receive a booking confirmation via email and text.
Marble Cars is licensed by the Transport for London (TFL). We follow TFL rules and regulations and will act as main the principle for fulfilling any booking. If Marble Cars accept your booking, it will be liable to fulfil the booking or contact you in advance if it can not fulfil the booking due to any reason e.g the road closer, any natural causes (e.g very bad weather conditions), shortage of driver, industrial action, any other causes or need to make any amendment.

Agreement- Operator & Passenger Contractual Relationship

Under the Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998 (the 1998 Act) a licensed operator who accepts a booking from a passenger is required to enter as principal into a contractual obligation with the passenger to provide the journey which is the subject of the booking. Marble Cars Contractual Obligation In order to comply with 1998 Act, Marble Cars Ltd confirms that we shall enter into a contractual obligation as principal with the person making the private hire booking to provide the journey which is the subject of the booking and any such contractual obligation must be consistent with the 1998 Act and these regulations. Complying with the Obligation and Fulfilling our Responsibilities
Marble Cars Confirms:

A contract will exist between Marble Cars Ltd and the passenger even if it is not recorded in writing and the same requirements apply even if the agreement is made orally. Full liability in relation to the transportation services belongs to The Marble Cars Ltd Cancellations can only be carried out and confirmed by the Marble Cars and the booking passenger. Although a driver may reject an offer from the Operator to carry out a particular journey.

Your Details:
In order to fulfil your journey, you need to provide us with the following details While making a booking.

Fares and Payment: Fares quoted are per vehicle. While paying for the booking, you agree to pay the fare at the time you make your booking. Once you have confirmed, the cancellation policy and amendment policy will be applicable for any refund or change of journey details. If paying by Card, if your card issuer for whatever reason refuses your card payment, Marble Cars will not be able to fulfil your booking. Marble Cars will provide you with a receipt for Payment by email to the email address provided to us.

Airport Pickup:
Meet & Greet Service: All our airport pickups come with a free "Meet & Greet" Service. The driver will meet you at the arrival. However, it is important to provide a working phone number to ensure a smooth airport pick-up service.
Waiting time For Airport Pick-ups: Our Meet & Greet service is 45 minutes after flight landing time. The driver will be waiting for you at the arrival from 45 minutes after the flight landing time. You will have another 30 minutes free waiting. If you need more time for the immigration and luggage collection please notify us. We will be able to keep the driver waiting till 2 hours from the flight landing time and the waiting charge and extra airport parking applied. If you believe you need extra waiting time you can contact us to set up a delayed Meet & Greet time before you fly. There is no charge applicable if you inform us in advance(before the flight take-off time).
Flight Delay: We will monitor the flight. Any delay up to 1 hour you do not need to update us. However, for any delay of over one 1 hour, you must contact us and reschedule the booking time. Any reschedule is subject to availability. Flight Cancellation: In case of flight cancellation please update Marble Cars as soon as possible. In case of flight cancellation, you will be eligible for a full refund if you inform us a minimum of 4 hours before the journey time.

Non-Airport Pick-up: For any pick-up other than airport or train station free waiting time is 10 minutes. We will not keep the driver waiting more than 10 minutes if there is no contact with the passenger. However, the driver will wait up to 30 minutes if the passenger contacts and agrees to pay for the extra waiting charge of £0.50 per minute.

Passenger No-show Policy: If the passenger can not manage to complete the immigration and luggage collection within 2 hours after the flight landing time, we will contact the passenger and pull off the driver. In order to avoid this situation, we recommend all the passengers to inform us in advance (before the flight take off) to set the delayed Meet & Greet time.
or if we can not reach the passenger, we will still keep the driver 90 minutes from the flight landing time, after that it will be considered as passenger no-show. In case of the passenger no-show, the passenger will not be eligible for any refund.

Booking Amendments: For any change in booking (e.g. flight details, address, pickup time, number of passengers or suitcases) you need to contact Marble Cars a minimum of 4 hours before journey time for the pre-booked bookings. Any changes are subject to availability. Marble Cars can refuse to perform the booking if the customer makes any changes in less than 4 hours prior to journey time and service is depends on availability.

Cancellation Policy: Our cancellation policies are below;
a) Booking ASAP Journey:
→ No cancellation fee if cancelled within 15 minutes from the time of confirming the booking.
→ The passenger will be charged the waiting fee at the rate of £0.50 per minute if any booking is cancelled more than 15 minutes after the time of confirming the booking.
b) Pre-booked Booking:
→ No cancellation fee if the Passenger cancels the booking more than 4 hours before the journey time.
→ The Passenger will be charged 50% of the fare if the passenger cancels the booking before 2 hours of the journey time.
→ The passenger will be charged 100% of the fare if the passenger cancels the booking less than 1 hour before the journey time.

Refund Policy:
If the passenger is eligible for any refund according to our cancellation policy, the passenger will be refunded to the credit card paid from. We issue the refund on the same day. However, it might take up to 7 working days depending of the bank and credit card authority.

Driver No-show Policy: If the driver fails to arrive within 15 minutes after booking time for non-airport or station pickup and 45 minutes after flight landing for Airport pickup, then you may not wish to wait. It will be considered as a driver no-show. In case of a driver no-show, you will be eligible for a full refund of the fare.

Child/Baby Seat: The passenger needs to notify us if they need any child/baby seat(s) in advance while making the booking. We will book the child/baby seat if available (charge applicable) and notify the passenger if we can not supply the child/baby seat.

Pet On Board: If you would like to travel with a pet, please contact our customer service team before making a booking. We will inform you if we have a pet friendly service available during booking time. The driver may refuse to serve with pet if you do not inform during booking time. Marble Cars will not be liable for any losses in such cases and you will not be eligible for any refund.

Special Request: Any other special requests must be informed while making the booking and are subject to availability. Marble Cars will not be liable if it cannot fulfil any special request.

Behaviour: If You or Your party's conduct or behaviour is disruptive in any way and/or affects your safety or that of the driver of the vehicle, Marble Cars reserves full right to refuse to continue the journey. Marble Cars will not be liable for any losses in such cases and you will not be eligible for a refund.

Vehicle Damage and Cleaning Charge: You are responsible for the cost of repair for any damage to, or necessary cleaning of, Vehicles and third-party property resulting from your use of the Services in excess of normal “wear and tear” damages and reasonable cleaning and/or your breach of these Terms. You will be charged the full cost required for the cleaning or repairing the damage.

Availability of Services: Marble Cars is committed to performing all the bookings. However, there are some limitations to the service in some geographical areas. In such cases, Marble Cars is entitled to refuse your booking if there is no availability of the service. In such cases, you will be informed a minimum of 24 hours before the journey time.

Legal validity of versions in other languages: This document is subject to England and Wales’s law and shall be interpreted accordingly.

Disputes: If you encounter a problem with your Service, please contact our customer service team within 14 days from the journey time. Marble Cars will investigate the issue with its driver involved in performing the booking and customer service team and will take necessary action. We will notify you the outcomes.

Privacy Policy: Marble Cars will maintain the confidentiality of personal data collected as part of making a booking and will only share with the driver to fulfil the journey. This data will not be shared with third parties without your consent.

Company details: "Marble Cars" is a Trading Name of Marble Cars Ltd, Registered in England & Wales (Company House Registration Number 10058849).

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